Boy, life sure likes to kick my ass (the realest thread I've ever made)

*Disclaimer: I'm not expecting anyone to come in here to feel sorry for me or whatever. If you'd like to offer your words of support, it'd be greatly appreciated. And to the mods: I know threads like this have been taken down in the past as to not risk people upsetting the OP. I want to let you know that that will not be necessary with this one. Nothing anybody can say to me in this thread can upset me. So if people want to come in here and be a troll, I don't care. I mean, moderate the individuals as you see fit, but closing the thread just to make sure my feelings don't get hurt is not necessary. I'm a big boy; I can handle it.* Alright, so, I started seeing this girl about a month and a bit ago. Things have been going pretty good so far; I've spent a few nights over at her place, yadda yadda, having good times and all that. Well today she just dropped a huge bomb on me and told me that she's had cancer for 2 years now, and that her prognosis is about 6 months. Yes, that's right. She's expecting she has six months left to live. It's not an exact science, but that's the estimate. So, that's a lot to lay on a guy just out of the blue. I don't know what to do. I have no fucking clue what I'm supposed to do. If I leave and run away, I'm a goddamn coward. If I stick around, it's just gonna hurt that much more. This is the shittiest fucking situation I've ever been in and I have no idea what to do. Fucking hell, guys. Fucking hell.
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