Suggestion: Swap 'Iron' and 'Bronze'

Just something that came to mind, but consider the following. You're at a social event. You get talking with someone who used to play League. They ask you what rank you are. You answer Iron. They ask you, 'what the hell is Iron?'. You answer, 'it's even worse than Bronze'. That's right, being Bronze is a statement. You can be gold or silver, no one cares; you're considered average. Plat might raise an eyebrow and Diamond will always be considered good (by the masses at least). But Bronze... Bronze will always considered the bottom tier to the world at large. Whether you play league or not, bronze = bad internationally. Therefore, Im suggesting to simply swap Bronze and Iron with each other. Next time someone says 'I'm Iron' and someone asks what the hell that is, it'll be simple answering 'It's between Bronze and Silver' and they'll get back some looks, stares but no judgment. quality of real life improvement imo
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