What do you do when you find yourself flaming?

So your bot lane has fed 10 kills by 10 minutes in almost every game you played all day. Your jungler is dying to gromp while the enemy jungle is running the entire game. Yasuo is being inting towers. You've made it to the same plat 4 promo and failed it 3 times. You have ffffffucking had enough. You unleash your frustration on your bot lane in the most exquisite exposition of spam ? Pings and verbal assault on their (sexual)relationships with their family and friends. The game ends and you look at your lp and despite all your best efforts its the same as the month before. Well this is my personal story of today. I decided I'm done trying to win the promo for now and I'm running stairs at the gym just trying to clear my head of all the negativity. I know very few people care about winning or get as pissed as I do, but for those of you who do... What do you do when you find yourself tilted as fuck and flaming the living he'll out of your teammates and everyone they know?
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