So i got banned for jokingly flaming a friend

So about a week ago now(!) I played a game with my friend and ranked partner, youngMissTorture. This is just an assumption, of course, because it wasa week ago and i play a good 5 games aday, but I'd assume that's the case, ill happily be proven wrong by lord Tantram, but there was no chance i would flame someone who wasnt my friend liek i did in thiss game, i only ever flame as a joke, and yuo can see earlier in the chat log i was doing just that, joking around. But, i got banned. 14 days. and my honor level 5 is now dishonorable. Ill post the chat log here. Game 1 Mortlock: hello hello hello Mortlock: league hates me me me Mortlock: xD Mortlock: lmao Mortlock: please :c Mortlock: u will become not only my Mortlock: famalamalamalamalamalamalamalamalamalam Mortlock: u are now Mortlock: my Mortlock: famalamalamalamal;amalamalamalamalamalamalamalamalam Mortlock: lol Mortlock: abd u got ur blue Mortlock: the fuck Mortlock: bait Mortlock: xD Mortlock: <3 Mortlock: cya Mortlock: oshi9t Mortlock: lmao Mortlock: :c Mortlock: he... warded... Mortlock: xD Mortlock: why did u go in :/ Mortlock: ye Mortlock: u are Mortlock: <3 Mortlock: je n'aime pas lux Mortlock: lol Mortlock: why? Mortlock: ah Mortlock: frogot for second Mortlock: what id bound my emotes to Mortlock: why? Mortlock: ekko i hate youuu Mortlock: didnt u see it Mortlock: :/ Mortlock: it was constantly aaing Mortlock: it was funny Mortlock: im bad Mortlock: i thgouth we establiushed htta Mortlock: tbh im just happy to have killed lux Mortlock: fuck you lux >:c Mortlock: im ded inside Mortlock: does htt ao%%%%? Mortlock: xD Mortlock: ye lol Mortlock: am one of the 2 azir top mains Mortlock: did u juast Mortlock: ult mundo Mortlock: je suis vraiment n'aime Mortlock: je suis vraiment ne bien pas Mortlock: ? Mortlock: lol Mortlock: aghhh Mortlock: i was fuckign around Mortlock: i should ajkst left Mortlock: i love how Mortlock: my last 3 deaths Mortlock: havent been Mortlock: outplays Mortlock: or even missplays on my part Mortlock: or brute force Mortlock: tis been from me fuckign aroudn Mortlock: and bming Mortlock: and u, seju, managing to kill me Mortlock: im so angry Mortlock: i could have afuklky stacked mejais if i just remembered to be good Mortlock: the fuck Mortlock: ekko flaming?? Mortlock: ffs trash ekko Mortlock: muted Mortlock: ffs Mortlock: repot this toxic %%%% pls Mortlock: flame feed and attempted ks Mortlock: LMFAO Mortlock: SORAK SIS BORKEN Mortlock: gggggg My friend was the ekko, i can understand how this'd look to someone who doesnt know us, but come on. I've never been banned or warned before, so shouldn't I have at least gotten a warning? My friend, youngmisstorture will post in the comments to affirm this, please help me out here, rito. If it turns out im wrong and it wasnt Youngmisstorture who i flamed, please tell me the name. I am completely certain i would never flame a stranger like that. EDIT: I was asked for the screenshots of the chat log, so here they are.
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