Kayle isnt a late game champion any more.

I am hurting really bad right now because I feel like my champion has been gutted. I am an NA Kayle OTP who used her to get to gold last season and picked her up again after the rework this season. She got buffed in the laning phase and she is absolutely more rewarding to play early. She can survive lane now, and it feels great to reach level 11. She spikes hard at 11 and can do a lot of damage in and out of lane. She does great in teamfights and at level 11 she feels quite the same. What I've noticed is that she has less attack speed and it is harder for her to get off a lot of damage but her utility outweighs her low damage output and if she is able to completely stack her passive she can still put up great numbers in extended teamfights. I'm begging that we get our true damage back at the late game. The range doesn't do anything for me. I haven't played a whole lot of games on the new patch but I can tell you this. Kayle is no longer a late game champion. You just don't have the damage to fit into a role in league at that point in the game. Your a squishy ADC with very low aoe damage who has a lot of utility. It feels like I am a support that maybe has a chance to do damage. There is just no point to getting to level 16 is there? After two games today going to level 18 I am actually more scared of level 16-18 than I am of level 6-11. I am scared that if the game goes late I cannot win. I used to be able to win lane 1 v 1 if my lane opponent under estimated me. I can still do that although, without my exhaulted flames at level 6 I find it still very risky to duel in lane. I could out duel someone who underestimated me but now without the flames the damage is so low that they have a lot of time to evaluate the fights and still outplay me. I cant just walk up and auto them any more. I have to whittle them down. And that is ok, the lane phase is definitely better for surving but if you are used to playing her you will notice that her dueling power has decreased. I am writing this post because I am just utterly lost with the feeling of powerlessness that this change has brought me. I climbed from silver 2 all the way to plat 3 with Kayle alone. I could win lane and I could also lose lane, but I would always be relevant at 16. Now I lose lane a little less and have more of a chance to win lane against someone who isn't picked to stomp me. I get to level 16 though and I do not win. I can no longer 1 v 1 an adc. I can no longer DPS the front line. I just really feel that my champion has lost her purpose. She is suppossed to ascent into a divine being. She ascends at level 11. There is no clear ascension at level 16. That is what I want for this champion. For there to be a clear ascension at level 16. That existed with true damage. It allowed me to do what other players couldnt: Build full damage and be a reliable late game carry. At this point, I am just another ADC at late game who can protect and kite. I hope I made my point clear in this post. I tried to use ethos logos and pathos to explain why the changes feel the way they do. All I really want is late game insurance. I want my ascended angel to be able to win me the game when I reach my highest level.
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