Lets fix the new support items for Riot... Starting with the new relic line

Riot has decided to remove tank supports from the game, because a) they dont care, or (hopefully) b) just didnt think these changes through. ( A bold statement, I know, but stay with me if you dont know what Im talking about or why I am saying this) So lets make Riot aware of their mistake and fix it for them. The changes: ------------------------------------------------------------- {{item:3307}} **→** {{item:3858}}/ {{item:3854}} ; - **HP :** 50 → 30 - **New:** +5 AP/ +3 AD - **Gp10:** 1 → 2 ( = +6g per minute) **Passive:** **old:** Heal: 5-30 HP/ 10-60 HP/ 15-90 HP (based on missing HP for you and your ally) Ranged: No execute treshhold, heal halved Recharge: 40 / 30 / 20 seconds, up to 2 / 3 / 4 charges **new: ** Heal: removed Execute treshhold: 50% melee/30% for ranged champion Recharge: 45 seconds, 3 charges. Extra: Passive **COMPLETELY REMOVED** once you complete the Tier 3 Upgrade quest. Tier 3 Stats Comparison: {{item:3309}} → {{item:3860}}/ {{item:3857}} - **HP:** 350 → 300 - **GP:** 1 → 3 - **NEW:** +40 AP/ +25 AD - **Removed:** 10% CDR, 200% HPRegen, PASSIVE ------------------------------------------- There a 2 critical points, why this change is flawed: The new passive and the tier 3 upgrade. **1. The new Passive** Tank supports are litterally a punching bag for the enemy adc and support, especially mage and poke supports, in the early laning phase. But the old passiv atleast helped a bit to counteract the harrass or HP loss if you went for a minion, which is your main way to get gold. With the new passiv you ether have fantastic engage/all-ins like leona or play blitzcrank/pike, otherwise you can make yourself a cup of tea and read a book under your tower or say goodbye to your HP pool. Even all-in champions need to get in range for their spells first and can be poked down before that and without a way to a) recover from a trade or b) regain some HP back, after beeing poked, so you can still threat an all-in, or you are doomed. These options are completely removed with the new passive. So tank supports, and even all-in supports, get the royal boot from Riot. **The fix for this is simple:** Just bring back the healing part. Remove it or half it again for ranged champions, but those classes NEED the healing passive. Otherwise they need to buy a dorans to not be utterly useless for the rest of the early game. As a quick reminder: The gold starting items are only ~50% gold efficent at the start of the game! Which was compensated decently, not great but workable, by the healing passive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **2. Tier 3 Upgrade** Okay, what the hell?! Why are you removing THE ONLY "DECENT" GOLDINCOME A SUPPORT HAS LATEGAME?!? Because Supports are hitting their 6 item powerspike to frequently in 50+min games? ( Meaning: 3 item "fullbuild", because of 1 warding item(with mediocer stats), 1 pinkward slot & boots) Yes, I know, we are "saving" some money on the supp item upgrades, and thats true. But lets look at this closer! We lost _10%cdr +200%hpReg+ 50HP = 1000g_ and gained: _40AP = 870g; 25AD = 875g,_ so we lost very usefull Tank stats, for at best "situational" stats like AP and AD. Early Armor or MR would have been better. We lost the heal, so we NEED a dorans shield to compensate that, which blocks a itemslot, sells for less gold and cost 400g. So the 1400g upgrade costs are down by 130g from the stats, 400g for dorans (which resells for worse) and we are missing atleast the CDR which is ~270g. Meaning we are down to ~800g or less "savings". Next is the "but the gold per 10 was increased to 3! Thats 300%!". That is true, but this is NOTHING! **Tier 2 items:** The new passive gives you _20g/ 10sec + 3g/ 10sec = 23g/ 10sec_ (buckler after 25min) The old passive were: _30g /10sec + 1g/ 10sec = 31g/ 10sec_ (targon after 25min) **And now with Tier 3 items:** New: _ 3g/ 10sec_ Old: _33.5g/ 10sec + 1g/ 10sec = 34.5g/ 10sec_ .......... We are lossing 31.5g/ 10 sec = **189g per minute lategame!** ("lategame" means after 25mins.... Back in my days "lategame" was 40+mins...) Pink Wards arnt buying themselfs, you know!? And you dont even need to invest the whole 1400g into your sup item, you only need 450g to get yourself the Tier 2 item, which is already good enough economy wise! And you can start to get other important items already! Statwise they are pretty even by comparsion, but you dont have the healing passive, so you need to buy a dorans rendering the 450g "savings" null and void. And here we come to the conclusion, why I said that Riot were gutting the already weak tank supports! The new suppitem is: - worse at the start of the game - same early/1st buy (because you need a dorans shield) - technically same midgame (worse gold gen, but if you get the tier 3 upgrade as fast as you can its slightly better) - worse and completely trashed late game gold gen, because of the passive removal. GG not well played Riot. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lets try to fix this too! There a couple of options: a) dont remove the (slightly worse then before) gold gen passiv with the tier 3 upgrade.... b) give us a 50% discount on pink wards or c) even better give us a special, seperate itemslot for pink wards! (or give us a very slowly recharging pink ward charge on our trinkets, overriding our current trinket, so we need to use the trinket once to place a pink ward and then we can use it as normally again {{item:3362}} {{item:2055}} ) There are a couple more exotic ideas, like letting us pick a special stat for our tier 3 suppitem (Like GP and his ult for example). (5%ms, 10% heal &shield power, 10% cdr, 10% tenacity, for example) But I would rather have b) or c) instead of this. Thx for your attention and lets get Riot to see this and fix the problems they have created.
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