Today I rerolled 3 skins and I got a permanent Beekeeper Singed{{champion:27}} . I remained a combination of surprised(because I remembered there was a champ Singed..) and disappointed( because I received a cool skin of a dull champ). I'm making that discussion to raise a group that thinks Singed{{champion:27}} and other champs should be completely or partly reworked. Some absolutely don't fit in and make a bad impression for the game in people. Tell me: what is more likely to make you play the game - watching a {{champion:27}} gameplay (even with the Beekeeper skin), or an {{champion:84}} gameplay for example..Or if you compare him to {{champion:4}} - TF hasn't got that new VFX in game too, but at least he is hella fun to play, but Singed... Seeing a Singed gameplay turns my desire to play the game completely off! League of Legends is one of the best games right now according to gameplay, according to the lore BUT there are champs that should be reworked as soon as possible for the welfare and good face of the game. They should even stop releasing new champs for a bit to rework some of this guys! Here are the champs that in my opinion Riot should rush to rework from the worst to the little bit better(I'm going to exclude {{champion:9}} and {{champion:106}} cuz they already told us about them): {{champion:77}} (in game looks very bad, boring gameplay, the thing with the animal power is pretty cool so they could make him waay cooler), {{champion:56}} (same as the previous), {{champion:36}} (seriously, have you looked at his face?!They have a good base to make him better-looking and more satisfying), {{champion:59}} (looks bad, needs at least a visual update), {{champion:72}} (rarely played- explainable reasons: dull to play, very mediocre idea and design), {{champion:54}} (he's not that rarely played, but looks awful, could use at least another visual update), {{champion:102}} (not that bad, but she could be waay better with all that dragon stuff), {{champion:31}} {{champion:35}} (they could be made awesome: Cho'Gath is looking like one of my baby toys.. man - he's a monster from the void after all; Shaco is pretty dull looking too), {{champion:62}} (he could use more realistic classic skin looks and abilities update), {{champion:21}} {{champion:51}} (minor, they need more realistic looking classic skin). Write if you have ideas for other champ and let's raise this up and make LOL the best possible!!
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