I beg you Riot, make Silver Kayle and Judgement Kayle available again one way or another

Title. Ever since her rework, I've fallen in love with Kayle. Her design, her visuals, her quotes, voice acting are all amazing and all inspire awe. Her base skin is great, and so are most of her skins. But there are two skins of amazing quality that are currently unavailable and have been so since early season 1, and those are Silver Kayle and Judgement Kayle. Pretty much absolutely no one owns those skins and the few that do probably don't even play the game anymore... Wouldn't it be possible to bring those skins back? Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch were brought back and tied to the honor system, why couldn't Silver Kayle and Judgement Kayle be this way too? I'm just sad those amazing, redesigned skins will likely never be admired ingame just because of a "limited time event" that took place before the game even became any popular. Will there ever be a chance to see those skins be made attainable one way or another? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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