Bork, BloodRazor, and Rageblade

Ok, so these items can be extremely problematic, but most of all when combined. So I want to propose that BloodRazor and Bork both share the same passive. Also, Rageblade should not be able to be stacked against minions or towers (large monsters and dragon/baron would be ok though) because it simply scales too dang well. Now just for context, yes I am a little salty about a particular situation recently, but this kind of thing has happened more often than I like, and I legitimately think that it lacks decent counterplay. The situation I'm referring to was a Yi a few days ago who was like 7/6 or something close to that, and I was doing decently as well. He was splitting botlane and approaching base tower. I knew I couldn't fight him straight up, so I stood back aways. He decided to just simply stack up rage blade ON MY TOWER AS I WAS WHACKING HIM, before he turned to me and solo'd me with tower attacking him. I couldn't even get 5 stacks fast enough, I had to dunk on the 4th stack because I knew I was about to die and just wanted to deal as much damage as possible. He ended up just running out of tower range with about 30% of his hp, running back in, and melting what was left of it. Now, I even tried to play it right, and save my pull for when he attacked me and try to combo him, but of course, he just Q'd me during pull and completely screwed me up, couldn't even land outer Q once because he is too dam faster and lands right inside outer Q, and is immune to W slow during his ult(total bullshit basically). In essence, I couldn't even defend tower against the dude even though he gave me two free AA's while he built up rageblade on tower. So what did this dude have built? Oh, just Bork, bloodrazor, and Rageblade (and whatever boots and other components). Just those things. So basically, combined with Yi's true damage from E, he just melts you in the blink of an eye with all of the ridiculous on-hit bonus damage from items that are only amplified a crap ton by rageblade. I say, if you buy bloodrazor, you shouldn't get the passive from Bork and vice-versa. It's practically cheating at that point. I mean what was the other counterplay? It wasn't like I was behind and underfed. Should I have just given him free access to tower? Let him take inhib and inner towers too while I'm at it because yi just brainlessly wins by default at that point? Seriously, why even play an immobile juggernaut like darius if you can't even duel yi under the protection of your own dam tower.
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