Imagine playing a Multiplayer game, where you have to have at least 4 of the 5 people using their brains to win. now imagine playing the same game where someone can go 0/16/0 hold you hostage and not hit yes on FF and not get penalized what so ever for their TOXIC gameplay. now imagine playing that SAME GAME where someone calls them out and are the ones to get punished. rather it be passive aggressive or aggressive not because of them inting per say but because they're literally in the game to waste everyone's time and experience. 1. Riot your fucking balance team is fucking shit 2. Your hit boxes on champions is fucking shit 3.your punishment system actually blows my mind you punish someone for being toxic in chat but someone not typing win trading/inting doesnt get punished. would you not say that is toxic too??? fix your fucking game you dog shit r%%%%%s .
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