I really want to have a pet cat

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A month ago I saw the cutest blue fur kitten being sold I think it was a month old or so. It has very short arms that look like fists, the body is fat with a heavy head it makes you wonder how does it even walk it's in a basket. it was sold for 3k someone bought it right away couldn't find the picture/ad again it's a really cute kitten. today I look on kijiji there are some really high quality kitten being sold but it's nothing like that one. https://preview.ibb.co/e6ESqL/45645654.png[/img][/url] https://preview.ibb.co/eHeSqL/2342343234543.png[/img][/url] https://preview.ibb.co/c6iRjf/242423.png[/img][/url] ---------------------------------------- The kitten I wanted had a flat face big head, blue fur, and very short arms like they're missing.
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