PSA:Mordekaiser Rework

Okay everyone we all know the drill at this point but let's get it out of the way so we don't gotta fill out the paper work later because I know how much you all hate filling out things especially when it's automatic. Alright so on the gameplay side of things we're gonna want a ratio of 2 people posting threads about how they ruined Mordekaiser's kit and how it doesn't fit him and don't worry you don't have to actually have played either the old or new version of Mordekaiser or even seen him to make these post but we also will need 2 people to make threads talking about how he should be nerfed but to make you and the 6 Mordekaiser players on the planet feel better someone is gonna have make a post about how he needs a buff. Again you don't need to have even played him to know these things or wait for him to hit live half of the League content creators will have posted within a few days about how "Busted Most Op champion Meta Breaking and Sister Taking" Mordekaiser is. As for skins just talk about how they f#@ked up Pimp Daddy Morde aka King of Clubs Mordekaiser which let's face it is the only skin anyone uses on him and if you say otherwise you're lying to yourself but we'll need you to lie some more on the boards because every thread counts. We're also gonna need a few people to volunteer to prematurely buy a few of his worst skins but one's that will have cool looking updated artwork. Someone will have their name drawn to make an appreciation thread somewhere even if they don't mean it so Riot thinks we aren't completely ungrateful s#!ts. I expect a lot of you are going to want to make various memes in the future make sure to post the video related ones in General Discussion so they don't get taken down. Also gonna have to ask one of you to let yourself get a temporary ban off the boards by going around arguing with everyone. Let's face it all this is just a meme at this point it's just Riot gives us a sometime to prepare between updates so we can file in what we are gonna post about. Also here's a video about what the Mordekaiser players who again 6 actually exist are going to be like when he gets his rework but more than half the people in the game are gonna wanna play him even though they have no real mechanics or reason to. Careful they are very edgy,I mean look at the champion they play, and most likely will respond with violence but again only 6 of them exist so it won't really matter. Now if you don't mind I'm gonna have to fill out this paper work since I don't mind filling and I know most of you are too lazy I mean too unskilled I mean too busy to do more than one thing at a time. Alright let's get to work people and get this s#!@posting out of the way. Oh and be sure to drop a dislike so we can quickly bury this thread so no one will be able to report our plans.
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