Phreak is not a nice nor a good person.

I don't know why I didn't make a post MUCH earlier about this but about two years ago, in his stream, he was watching some replay of competitive teams playing and making some analysis of it and says "theres no way you can come back from a 5k gold deficit". I post in his chat "A 5k gold deficit means less in the late than it does in the early." (I was a diamond 3 player back then so I knew alot about the game) He reads my message out loud and proceeds to say "you're f**king stupid. Don't have children. In fact, you should get your balls removed so you don't make stupid children". A few of the people in his chat started verbally lynching me. And this was how he acted SOBER. If you don't already know, hes much worse when hes drunk. Remember back when he kept berating Elementz and Westrice?
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