Bring back consistent rotating game modes please.

I get the business concept of resource focus on SR, it pays the bills after all. As a casual, non-professional player who has spent a fairly significant amount of funds on the game since season 2, I miss being able to jump into a game of Hexakill, or Ascension (dominion), URF, poro king, etc on a consistent basis. Often times I would rather jump right into the action in one of these modes without wading through the laneing phase on SR. Do what you need to in order to balance champions for SR, we all realize there will be imbalances that occur in these other game modes as a result and we can choose to live with it (or simply not play them). Please reconsider bringing back all of the game modes on a regular basis as I sorely miss logging in on a Friday night to play a few rounds of whatever was up next in the rotation.
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