Is Nunu and Willump truly a braindead champion?

I have a friend who just make fun of me as "my opinion doesn't matter because I play Nunu" and whenever I criticize him or do anything, he just bashes on the fact that I play Nunu and how he is a no-skill champ. I find this annoying because: (If you guys want to know my friend's stats before judging the situation as some of my reasons are based on them, his name is 3Dimenzion) - I feel like he plays champions that have have a similar level of skill to Nunu (In my opinion) like Blitzcrank and Janna. (Keep in mind that I'm in Silver II at the time of writing this post and he is in silver III which means these champions are way easier as Blitzcrank is way harder in Diamond than in Silver). He does play harder champions like Zoe & Ezreal, but he is kinda inconsistent with them as he either goes like 7/0/4 or 2/13/3. - He claims that I get boosted every ranked game when I play Nunu. If you look at my stats, most of my games I hold my own weight, set up plays, and do the carrying early game. Also his Yasuo in ranked solo is the definition of boosted. (73% win rate, 0.93 KDA) - Whenever I don't know a league term like funneling, vertical jungling, etc, he flames me to hell. It's not my fault that I don't watch enough competitive play to know what these terms are. I still encounter them in games and adapt to them but I just dont know the "word" - He claims not to be a one trick but out of all the champions he plays, none of them are good as in stat-wise except for his Blitzcrank. Yet he calls me a Nunu one trick since my only good stats are with Nunu. His logic is I am a one trick since Nunu is the only character I'm good with but he is not a one trick because he plays multiple characters at a mediocre level. So I want to know if Nunu is actually braindead and completely no skill. It's just really annoying whenever I get a 3 man knockup which wins us the team fight or a dragon steal and then he just says, "Doesn't matter you're Nunu you just mash buttons on your keyboard and win". (I stream my ranked games on discord for one of my other friends and he usually comes in and makes fun of me). I know Nunu is easier than most junglers as he has reliable ganks, good cc, and can tank a lot of dmg as tank junglers are usually easier than other junglers; But I still think that he requires a good amount of skill. Anyways to sum it up, I want to know if Nunu is a no skill champion because my friend annoys me about it and I want to know if it's true. (fyi my friend isn't some toxic monster but he can be toxic to a degree)
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