Annie-Versary Skin

So I was just curious if we actually get to own this skin or not. I own Annie so when I finished the bonus mission naturally it ended up in my collection. But when I hover over the skin in my collection it says "Limited" so does that mean we only get to own it for as long as the event is going on or....? Cause my friend doesn't own Annie but still got the skin in their collection anyways. I'm assuming because at the moment Annie is on free champ rotation. I tried out the skin and think it looks pretty nice. My own question is. For those of us who own Annie, is it a skin we get to keep after the even, will it become a skin you will have to actually buy after the event if you want it, or will it just disappear when the event is over? If we don't get to own it that's kind of a bummer cause like I said, it's a pretty nice skin and would be a pretty cool gift for the 10 year mark. (Been playing since about 2014)
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