Does VAPING lead to heart diseases or anything like that?

I’m been JUULing for a while now (like half a year already) and I’m scared it might lead to these affects Bc I keep hearing from the media that vaping is harmful from your health and all that and could lead to potential heart problems. Is this possible or is this just fear mongering from the FDA? I’m not concerned about the LUNGS part because I know that JUUL and other vapors is VAPORIZED so it does not leave any TAR like traditional cigarettes. People claim that vaping has saved lives in that particular matter. In conclusion I know that vaping doesn’t necessarily harm your lungs, but what about your heart? that’s all I need to know and thank you folks. Thank you and no this is not a troll post. Just an anonymous player awaiting for answers. Resources: HEART SURGEON SAYS VAPING IS SAFER Vaping is concluded to be safer
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