The Great "Aatrox" Rework

Riot; Aatrox is a statcheck champion that is unhealthy for the game. Even tho we gave up on him after the first ever Nerf, hehe. Aatrox Rework was Shit! The rework is getting non stop nerfs, over 5 so far within 6 months, while Old Aatrox got One within 4 Years, who hovered around 50%, totally a stat check champion. All these champions got to keep their iconic ability, but what does Aatrox keep? A FUCKING REVIVE Evelynn kept her identity and iconic abilities and even got new abilities to fit her kit. Galio kept his Q E and Ult into his new Q and W. Urgot Kept his Poke, aim bot, low key his ult, and rapid fire. What did Aatrox keep? A Fucking Revive Akali Kept her abilities but gained even more stats and mechanics. Fiora kept everything but her ult to differentiate from yi, but gained overloaded shit to her old abilities and an ult that makes her identity as a dueler make sense. Warwick kept his Identity but made him smoother and actually made his blood sense synergize with his ult and even made some cool combos. Assassin update kept the identity of everyone but fucked Shaco and Leblanc and fucked rengar's balancing. Irelia kept her identity but made her even even more overloaded asf and making her Q even more easy to use with less punishment for a high reward. BUT WHAT DID AATROX KEEP? A revive. Juggernaut update kept the identity of everyone but fucked mordekaiser as a balancing mess. Master Yi got a rework to make AD yi more viable to replace AP Yi. Poppy kept her q, dash, tankiness, and still can run people down. Ezreal got a new ability that actually makes sense for his kit. Ryze kept his iconic q, snare, and ability spam. Cho'Gath got a buff to make tank Cho viable. Xin kept everything and gained a new ability, but lost top lane to be viable for him. Sion kept his poke, shield and its aoe burst, attack speed and lifesteal (but for his revive) Gangplank kept everything but now can one shot 5 people. BUT WHAT DID AATROX KEEP? A REEE FUCKING VIVE, but what did he gain? He gained a spot for proplay which means he's gonna be a statcheck champion. Even tho Old Aatrox got nerfed ONCE WITHIN 4 YEARS. Old aatrox is totally a statcheck champion.
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