Boards opinion vs. Reality on Lucian W nerf on PBE. The amount of bias in boards is ridiculous.

People seem to love exaggerating things to prove their point here at boards. It get's crazier the worse the point is to begin with. The most recent example being a post on Lucian W nerfs on PBE. The OP conveniently left out the nerf of it's mana cost and only included the minus 10 damage part to rant about how stupid of a nerf it is. A comment got downvoted like hell for saying that the OP left out the mana part and the "cuz the mana part doesn't matter" comment got upvoted. Literally the next day I watched Griffin Viper take Dorans Ring on Lucian to beat a Cassio botlane against SKT. It is a well known fact that Cassio runs over any ADC in the botlane and due to her flexibility she has a 95+% ban rate in the LCK even after her nerfs. (funny how no one in boards talked about Q max Comet Cassio when she had the highest win rate in BOTLANE before nerfs) Anyways, Griffin Viper's Lucian maxed W (2 points on it and 1 point on dash level 3) to get a "solo" (no jg) kill. He then continues to win a lane spamming W and only spamming W. > What boards refuses to understand is: > - To play Lucian effectively (that is to be a lane bully), **you use a lot of mana**. To the point where I know sneaky takes mana flow band, doublelift takes a faerie charm after his first back in their streams. > - His W is pretty much impossible to dodge and it deals magic damage. Most ADCs and Supports take extra armor runes and have low MR to begin with. Which means the W poke is meaningful damage. > - **So a nerf to the mana cost of his W is a significant nerf**. Minus 10 damage as well? sure I'll take it too. While the mana part is the most important, if you actually think minus 10 damage is stupid when a lucian all in level 2 or 3 with a support with nerfed ignite often times barely kills you, you might want to think again. I don't want to say "THIS IS WHY RIOT DOESN'T TAKE US SERIOUSLY" but, let us at least be aware when a post is so ridiculously biased and exaggerated. The downvotes on the comment saying the OP left out the mana part of the W nerf and the overwhelming upvotes on the reply comment that "the W mana cost increase doesn't matter at all" speaks to how the state of boards is atm. > It's other things like these: > An anecdotal complaint on a champions strength or weakness (**while completely ignoring the fact that different champs have different situations and points in the game where or when they are strong or weak**) > > A nexus blitz/aram addict that hasn't played ranked a game of summoners rift since 6 months ago making a bold claim on the CURRENT state of the game. > > A jungle main suggesting nerfs on ADC champions or making blind points on how ADCs are supposed to be played. > > Or simply making false statements like > "Mana cost increase on Lucian W is meaningless" - Even with said reasons above > "Caitlyn is a god early game but useless late game" - Have you seen a six item caitlyn? FR? > "Vayne is weak af early, but unbeatable late game" - Vayne's level 6 all in is really strong. Level 3 all in with an engage support is really strong. > "Irelia takes no skill to play well, fiora is so broken you can't beat her" - Yikes. Have you ever seen a bad Irelia? Fiora's win condition is to win her lane, split push, and have your team take objectives while the enemy team deals with you. A Fiora that is behind is so fking useless cuz she is by default a split pusher not a team fighter. It's so painful to read sometimes.
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