Morgana's springy torso

All Kayle & Morgana Skins New and Old Model/Texture Comparison Rework Visual Update 2019
All Kayle & Morgana Skins New and Old Model, Texture Comparison Rework, Visual Update 2019 League of Legends: - 00:01 Classic Morgana - 00:32 Ghost Bride Morgana - 01:02 Lunar Wraith Morgana - 01:33 Sinful Succulence Morgana - 02:05 Blade Mistress Morgana - 02:36 Blackthorn Morgana - 03:06 Exiled Morgana
It's a really weird thing to see, her torso just bounces up and she starts shaking. Its a really weird combo to see imo. I don't mind the torso bounce that much, but the whole pause and shake makes it just too weird for my eyes. Think riot can make it a bit less awkward?
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