I love league, but i get why people are quitting. (Long Rant)

I love league, i have around 5000 normal games played, probably 2000 ranked games and 300ish ARAMs over a span of like 3.5 years. So yeah, im in love with league, thats why it pains me to see so many people quitting, but i totally get why they're quitting. ------------------------------------------------------------ One reason i see a lot, is that people believe that Riot doesn't know what they're doing. I honestly agree with this in a no flame way, the direction this game is going and how they're blatantly ignoring the people that play the game makes it evident. Examples: --------------------------------- How hard the game snowballs out of control. Literally every game ive played in the last month or so, has been a one sided stomp. No 50min close matches where after the game you feel like you really tried hard and worked together to win. No games that last so long and are so close you physically and mentally feel almost exhausted after. It's always 30-5 or 5-30, and they're both equally so unsatisfying to play. Being in a game where you're completely stomping the other team so bad they dont stand a chance, its your team one shotting them on repeat gets so boring so quickly. On the other side, just waiting to lose the game cause your team cant exist on the screen without getting obliterated, feels like such a trash league experience. Also side note, its stupid that its not uncommon to lose one fight, and lose all of your towers and an inhib (or even the game in some cases) because of one bad fight. ----------------------- Another is how they just ignore problems within the game. Items like Banner of Command and ZZrot Portal have been such stupid items since their release (or buffs in banners case) that you would literally win games off of cheap items. They took away from player vs player interactions, and if one was splitting bot when you didnt notice, a lost fight could mean a lost game because of an empowered minion. Things like Rage blade on any on hit person. Ive seen so many clips of Yi, Jax, Kog'maw, trynd and people like them literally 1v5 because their item got stacked. You see an entire team getting torn apart by someone they cant do anything against. Saw a clip of a Yi literally 1 shot Shiptur with his passive + conquerer + rage blade. ----------- Damage. Seriously this game damage wise has become an actual joke. This game has boiled down to whoever one shots first, wins the game. I've heard that riot said they want more "flashy" plays so people see more plays and stuff, but in reality we have the exact opposite from all this damage, none of this is even kind of enjoyable to watch. Yi hitting for 3k in 1.5 seconds, LB using 2 abilities and killing anyone without 2+ MR items, Zed ult - E - Auto. Zoe E - Q "combo". It's all so unsatisfying to play and especially play against. I HATE when i kill someone in less than a second, but that seems to be the norm in this game now. You dont feel a sense of accomplishment, you dont get that "I really outplayed them" feeling, you just erase them from the map and kinda move on. I feel like everything in this game just does w a y too much damage. Tanks like Malphite can just R-E and it'll take someone to half with 0 damage items. Assassins again just use 1-2 abilites and you die. Bruisers / Juggernauts which might be the most broken classes at the moment, are all doing Assassin amounts of damage, with the tankiness of a tank. You guys even added a damn "support" thats an assassin. Also, i feel like adding true damage into the game is just all around a bad idea. Theres never a healthy amount of true damage, it'll always been too little or too much. (new IE doesnt really have enough, Darius / Garen ult and even conqueror has too much) --------- Towers. I don't even need to explain this one. People have been asking for buffs for the better part of a year and what have we gotten? Rift Herald, Buffed baron, buffed banner, buffed tower taking abilities, and nerfed towers. How can Riot actually think this is okay? they're already like wet paper, but now its going to be even easier than before to shred them. ---------------------------------- How the game is so team reliant, but no one wants to work as a team. I get that league is supposed to be a 5v5 battle, lots of micro and macro play on both sides, and the team that works the best together wins the game - in practice though, thats not how this game (or life) works. Getting 5 random people on a team, and expecting them to adapt to each others play styles, be decent humans and play to win is like winning the lottery. I've had people AFK in my games cause of such stupid reasons. Things like after i took my second blue as a jungler and my mid laner left and never came back. I get why people HATE when someone solo carried, but that is just how this game needs to work. It takes a whole team to win a game, and one man to lose it. ------------------------------------ Autofill. Mini point but still stands. The idea behind Autofill makes literally 0 sense, i get that it was for "quicker queues" but all it did was decrease the player experience on top of not really changing queues. Think about it like this, if you're playing a normal, the game is being played for fun so usually you want to play a specific role (ie Zed mid) but if you get auto filled and cant get mid, you're either going to play a game you dont really want to, or dodge and put people back in queue cause you didnt get what you wanted. But then in ranked, you're playing to win and you want to play what you're best at. So as an example me getting Autofilled top, means my team lost. I cannot play that role to save my life so either i dodge and lose LP, or i stay and everyone loses LP. --------------------------------------------- This one has been beaten to death, so ill keep it short. Wtf was this crab / jungle change? --------------------------------------------------------------- Extra short one, you guys completely gutted ADC in 1 patch, completely murdering my favorite role. FeelsBadMan ------------------------------------------------------ Anyways, the drive to improve is gone for most people. I used to watch pro ADCs stream and want to learn cause i wanted to get better at the role and the game. But now the game has almost nothing to do with how well you play and how well you know the game. It all comes down to the champion you picked. Off meta picks rarely ever work, even meta(ish) picks dont really work, every lane is boiled down to the same 5 champs to choose from. I remember when in 10 games, you would never get the same matchups or even some times the same champs. Now, all you see is the same Tops, Mids, Junglers, ADCs and Supports. ------------------------------------------------------- The game is too inconsistent, you had something amazing and you keep trying to reinvent the game when no one wants that. During the year there's at least 2 MAJOR updates that completely change the game. Since ive started playing, literally every single one of them has broken the game. Juggernauts ruled worlds. Mages ruled immediately after their update. Marksmen updates put them all around the map. But then after getting used to that, you hurt mages and gutted ADC. The game doesn't need drastic changes every 6 months (or ever for that matter) all that it does is add new stuff into the game that has a 100% chance of being stupid and broken. In my opinion, there was absolutely no reason to change the rune / mastery system. Every class had 2-3 keystones they could use, and adapt for games with certain runes. Now every class has like 1? maybe 2? keystones and everyone runs the same thing, on the same champions. Adding items and champions to the game is needed, but the way Riot does it is so bad. Everything needs to be broken on release (cough cough Duskblade and Essence Reaver) Im not excited at all about the new Atma's and Spear of Shojin, they both sound absolutely busted on paper, and are obviously going to be abused because Riot doesn't test anything. Too bad we dont have uhh like ya know.. like.. a PBE to test shit to see how it works so we can adjust them. ------------------------------------------------------ How Riot is handling this is an absolute joke too. I see posts every day asking valid questions that need answers, because everyone outside of Riot is in the dark. I'm not saying Riot should answer every single post, but they completely ignore posts about balancing and the state of the game, but they post on so much random stuff (which most of the time has literally nothing to do with league) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Obviously im not some Challenger player thats been playing since season one, but even now i miss how the games was. I miss the feeling of genuinely outplaying someone. I miss the satisfaction of improving or getting a win cause we played well. I miss when you would NEVER see a one shot. I just miss how league was, and it sucks that Riot is forcing a gameplay style that no one really wants. Im not quitting league, i probably never will, but i get why people are leaving. EDIT: Thanks for reading guys! The feedback has been awesome and its nice knowing people agree lol.
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