Reminder: The Mods here, and even the overwhelming majority of Rioters, had NOTHING to do with PAX

There is a post on the front page mentioning how “riot” deleted a post calling to fire Daniel Z. Klein, with the moderator who defended the deletion being downvoted to hell. And so I want to remind everyone not to let their anger at Riot as a company spill over into anger toward moderators, as they truly have no more say or responsibility for this then you or I do. They are unpaid volunteers. They do not represent Riot, and riot does not represent them. They are being put in a lose/lose situation, where they are still trying to maintain some order on the boards yet also don’t want to get in the crossfire between Riot and the community. You may strongly disagree with an action they take, but try to see it from their point of view: They no doubt have people screaming at them on both sides, and are just trying to get through this. They are not, they are not trained for PR things like this, and again (as this deserves repeating) they have *nothing* to do with any of this. This extends to most Rioters too. This was clearly a decision done at the executive level. So some random skin designer, guy on the balance team, or hell even most spokespersons, they don’t get a choice in what they are saying. I am not saying to be silent. Not at all, this game belongs to the community, so you have every right to make your voice heard. But make sure you make your voice heard to the right people: Riot as a company, Daniel Z. Klein, and the executives in charge of this entire situation. Honestly, it is *extremely* unfair, unethical, and downright shameful that Riot is letting unpaid volunteers try to control this situation. Rioters or paid moderators should be here moderating the boards until this calms down. Yet, here we are. Cut them some slack, even if you really hate a decision they make, they are already being taken advantage of by Riot, they don’t need the community shitting on them too.
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