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Hi there! I was wondering if there was anyone out there like myself, many years older than the average player! I'm a mom of three (who are are now teenagers) and I have always loved trying out new games. I know this one has been around a while, but I never thought to try it until approximately two weeks ago. I LOVE IT! For the most part anyway. I did come across a couple of very negative players last night during a match against other live players (I normally just play against bots right now but thought I'd try to complete some missions that were put up for me). it made me sad for them that they couldn't be more supportive of their own team members but I know that's a part of any game that is set up this way. I suppose some of that comes with age - of which I'm currently 45 years old. How old are the players out there, and what do you love about league of legends that keeps you coming back? Thanks for reading and commenting!
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