Was the Evelynn Nerf really Necessary ?

{{champion:28}} is there some sort of Gender Politics to why Eve is designed not to be effective until after 20 minutes, a length of time that usually determines who is going to win a Worlds tournament match ? or that she can't really effectively take Objectives nearly as well as supports can ? My Jg Leona can solo baron at 11 minutes. You don't have any toys of evelynn so she's not really in your spotlite, you once posted for your Sejuani rework changes publically that it was too toxic and too long to make a champion wait until level 6 to effectively Gank but the new evelynn is Designed to do just that, and with the Nerf to her E/R (the things she was waiting until 6 to use effectively) she's really waiting until level 8 or about 24 minutes into the game to Truly be effective unless you have an or another champion you have crazy good synergy with. like a or so my real Question to you riot is if your going to Admit making champions wait until level 6 to be effective is Too Toxic, why make a champion Specifically not to be effective until 6, and then Nerf her into the ground under the thought of well her strength is the ability to bypass wards, Meanwhile going from her Jg camp to Jg camp it's as unneffective as Nocturne or Twisted fates ability to go Unseen, but both can Jump across the map effectively Invisibily because it's teleportation or a leap, hell nocturne even blinds the whole map and does more burst then Eve. How on earth could this be justified other then Riot Is being Politically Correct/scared of a secuctress being balanced enough to function in worlds... I'm thinking she doesn't sell toys or merch so you keep her terrible. Eve kind of reminds me of that Woman who wants to be Independent but still needs somebody to Help her pull something off a tall shelf so she compensates with High heals and a mini skirt so people will offer to help her with a Gank.
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