the incompetence of RIOT games to stop AFKs in rank!

I play this game for 8 years, for damn 8 years and afks is so frequent, either in my team or enemy. For 8 years not to have any change this is a fact incompetence, not only the league became more anime shit with silly skins that ruined the skillshot effect animation is confusing now too many crap in game. Punish afk, why we have to suffer with with our time and lose every year? For not fixing that is called **incompetence** and some smart moderator will think is offensive and I prepared a dex for him cause I know they are no better! > "incompetence" ā€‹ lack of the ability, skill, or knowledge that is needed to do a job or perform an action correctly or to a satisfactory standard.< In 8 years I think I was 6 times afk disconnected from internet when I was using a 15KB/s modem 2G for 4 years. AFk players should lose double points or ban for a week from rank! I know that you can see if player has internet problem or anything since your client reads my web browser and personal files from pc. (its Tencent how monitors chinese citizen for Communist Party) Fix the damn AFK, Im tired of incompetence of riot staff.
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