Ranked Ranges and How to Fix Them.

Ranked in Season 9 has been interesting. The position rankings and how those affect each player varies. As always there is your current rank and MMR. I don't understand MMR in its' entirety, but I've discovered a match that saw a player in Bronze 4 on the same team as someone in Silver 1. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} If they were facing one another this may be more acceptable, but let it be known that everyone who plays league of legends is susceptible to something like this. In my own experience I've found that many of my matches are balanced. The only issues that are recurring to me are ADCs that refuse to fight, junglers who don't know how to circumvent invasions (vertical jungling), and laners that rage after feeding. Two of those 3 are typical, but my games are constantly centered around whichever ADC will follow my fed rearend into fights, typically I play {{champion:141}} or {{champion:20}} so this should be easy. I carry a lot of my games and I do my best to play regularly so i can climb, but knowing this match type is possible takes away from my desire to play the game. I'm not having a hard time climbing. My winrate for the past few days has been extremely high, but going forward I would appreciate knowing that this type of match isn't possible. (no the B4 player wasn't a smurf, they did the worst in the lobby by far) I dont have the best solution for this, but maybe we should be waiting longer to get into matches with people more closely related to either our MMR or actual rank. Riot could just be stuffing lobbies full of people with the same MMR. I've climbed 3 divisions in about 6 days, but I'm very confident in my champs and game knowledge(hence why i jungle). Hopefully moving forward, Riot will make some attempt at preventing this from happening so that we can all play and breathe in a healthier community. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} P.S. Anyone with solid suggestions, please comment them below.
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