We need more champion visual alterations based on stats

Examples such as {{champion:11}} has his dance animation faster based on MS {{champion:154}} Has a size increase based on HP {{champion:31}} Has a size increase based on R stacks {{champion:54}} Now has his size increase based on armor Some I propose are {{champion:45}} Arm gets bigger based on AP Idk how this hasn't been made with his design. I know his ult gets bigger based on ap but I feel like his arm should be the one growing giant to show off his EVVVVVVVVVVVIL {{champion:203}} Bow should get shiner based on stacks (or maybe the eyes from their mask glow brighter) A glow on them would really add some flare to their design allowing it to show off how much they've hunted {{champion:222}} Laugh should get louder and eventually become global based on kills This gives jinx players that loud annoyance across the map that her character is meant to be like.
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