I need to give a big shout-out to Customer Support.

I started playing league in 2010. It had to have been about a week before Miss Fortune was released. I played for a decent amount of time and then around the time Ekko was released, I stopped playing for a number of reasons, some involving the state of the game at the time but most just relating to life and growing up. It wasn't until very recently that I started once again having my interest in the game piqued, and then finally a few days ago some close friends of mine who had just built new PCs were talking about League and I decided to jump in again to play with them. So I try logging in, and get the dreaded "Incorrect username/password combination" type message. I actually spent 2 hours or so trying different passwords, and different recover steps to access my account, to no avail. I couldn't even find any trace of my summoner name other than on the old board archive, and the username recovery option didn't even show my old account name as being associated with my email, as if it didn't even exist anymore. After dealing with customer support for other games, their long wait times, and being given the run around numerous times with much less complicated problems, I assumed that retrieving my account(if it had been compromised) was probably a lost cause at this point, having been so many years since I've played. But fearing the worst, that my account had probably been stolen at some point, I submitted a ticket. Just over 24 hours later, my 9 year old account that I had put work and hard earned money into, that some garbage human stole from me and has been _Actively_ playing on for the past 4 years unbeknownst to me, is back with its rightful owner, with next to no hassle compared to CS from other companies. I'm not sure if I can name the reps so to be safe I won't, but I'd like to just say a big thanks to you guys at Customer Support for your help and swift action, and that more big games need CS reps that are this quick and effective (a certain company named after a weather hazard comes to mind). Keep up the good work guys. So to anyone that finds themselves in the same situation that I found myself in, don't be afraid to submit that ticket, no matter how long its been or how hopeless it seems, because these guys seem to be quite good at their jobs. And to anyone that has had this issue and had it resolved, if your summoner name had been changed were you able to have it reverted or did you have to purchase another name change? I've already asked in a reply to my ticket not too long ago but I am very eager to start playing without having to look at the summoner name of the trash that took my account. EDIT: got that fixed too.
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