Can we get a Juggernaut Support?

So I main {{champion:223}}. Yes I know everyone is gonna hate me for saying that but let me explain. Before you was changed to a top laner only, I played him support and built like a juggernaut before he was actually turned into a juggernaut. Rather than buying support items, I built only tank items and played like a juggernaut focusing less on peeling and more about dealing damage while the enemy bot laners were focused on trying to kill my ADC because everyone underestimated his damage. What I loved about Tahm as a support was that he was a support that could carry while being a tank but he sacrificed CC compared to the average tank support and reliable damage compared to the average damage type support in exchange he is a half juggernaut, half peel. What I would like for a new support is one that could play half juggernaut and half peel for his team. This juggernaut support wouldn't do as much damage as other juggernauts like Darius or Illaoi, but in exchange he could peel allies with some CC and utility but not have as much CC as someone like Nautilus or have peel like Janna. Hey if a support assassin can work ({{champion:555}}) then maybe a support juggernaut can work. In a sense this support would kind of be a jack off all trades master of none. There are some things that are obvious this juggernaut support would need. First they would need a long range skill shot to be able to affect the enemy bot laners from a safe distance in order to be a viable support. It wouldn't need to be a powerful long range skill shot but something to be able to threaten long range enemies to be able to compete with them. Something like Tahm's Q or Veigar's Q. Next they would need some peel tool to function as a support like giving a shield to allies. Maybe something like Mord's W (I'm too lazy to think of a shield ability that could actually work for a juggernaut support). Lastly, they would need some pull ability. Something that could not only move enemies away from allies but to also bring them closer to the juggernaut support so they could effectively do their damage. If someone could present ideas for what this champion's abilities would be that would helpful. Thanks for reading up to this point, unless you just skipped to here.
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