Dark Waters Diana pretty much a copy and paste from Lady Maria of Bloodborne.

Whoever says "Diana gets quality skins" is wrong. Dark Valkyrie Diana is terrible and so is infernal. (Akali's 520rp infernal skin looks better then DIana's EPIC version). Blood moon doesn't look great in game cause of the mask and weird porcupine spiked hair and you are stuck with the mask on her face always unless you recall. The only decent skins she has is Lunar Goddess and Dark Waters which dark waters is meh anyways cause of the Pirate theme you can't even see her damn face cause of that stupid hat with the feather but at least she looks like Lady Maria from Bloodborne, its literally a copy and paste of Lady Maria to DIana pretty much no effort put into that skin considering it was stolen another games theme. And then Lunar goddess is basically just a recolor skin with chromas. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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