You can tell the exact moment when Riot punishes you for winning too much

Because for my entire 16 game win streak I had very pleasant games with polite and friendly teammates even when we were behind with literally ONE snarky player and that's it. I almost jump 2 division in a day and then immediately at promos I get paired with angsty teammates who start flaming and tilting minute 2 before anything has even happened. And I come back today and first game what do you think happens? 3 teammates start getting pissy before minions have even spawned and one Chinese jungler who is dead silent for the entire game. You can tell that you've been punished by matchmaking based entirely off of your teammates' attitudes. These people might actually be bots made specifically to ruin other players' mental game with how predictable (and annoyingly effective) they are. I could care less that they're boosted or having a bad game but the fact that they feel the need to process their verbal diarrhea out to the rest of us just to put us on tilt too is the real climb killer. I dont like to mute because I play extremely macro heavy champions and I need to usually be able to type things to my teammates so they know what I'm doing
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