Riot Games sued over 'bro culture'

Riot Games sued over 'bro culture' - L.A. Biz
"The ability to gain promotions, better job titles, and equal pay is not the only issue plaguing the women of Riot Games. Female employees are exposed to ongoing sexual harassment and misconduct and are subject to retaliation for speaking out against such misconduct," according to the lawsuit.
Not surprising really, the fact that Riot claims to be against all forms of harassment both in-game and out of game yet they allowed a toxic workplace environment to exist for so long, don't know how far up the hypocrisy scale that rates. What baffles me is typically when a company has so many claims from multiple people and articles keep pouring out about this type of issue some type of change occurs at the upper level (usually the CEO steps down), why hasn't this happened? If Riot supposedly wants to change both how they handle policy for their game (they joined Fair Play Alliance /w Blizzard & Twitch) and in the workplace doesn't that require change at the executive level? Obviously if the issue persisted for so long and was allowed to fester then someone needs to be replaced. Thoughts on this ongoing issue?
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