Riot, you really hate your SoloQ players

That topic comes from somebody that was gold 3 for 3 entire seasons and decided to climb to plat in 3 days by winning almost every game by watching guides. I really dont care to lose from a team better than me or a smurf, but SoloQ from Silver until Plat doesn't feel like that the most skilled team gonna win. It feels more like a coinflip of whose team will get the troll. For example i was forced to play Cait mid because we had Fizz supp and a second jungler that both of them were premades and had almost the same name. After we got an Ezreal that was suiciding in teamfights. I managed to win this by myself with score 20/5 as Shen by abandoning my lane! After, i got a Veigar support that was saying "STOP STEALING MY KILLS OR I WILL INT" and then you can imagine what happened. The entire team reported him but there was no report notification, and my question is: HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE TO NOT SUSPEND SOMEONE THAT INTED BY PURPOSE BUT TO BAN SOMEONE THAT WROTE ONLY 1 MEAN WORD THAT EVEN IF YOU SAY IT FOR FUN, YOU WILL GET SUSPENDED? This negativity that exist in SoloQ is like a plague, and it gets even worse. I made it to Plat and that was my only purpose, but it really nothing changed. I feel like i wasted my time just to get a "Silver" border but shinier. One Kha Zix that ended Diamond4 had a smurf on Plat4, he was our opponent and he ended with 14/2 in 17-20 min. Their bot inted so hard, that we won the game. That means that there's no matter if you are good, it's only who your teammates gonna be. It just a coinflip as I mentioned before.You get the troll? You lost from the beggining. I would like to see some fair lp loses when somebody loses because they had a troll or something to protect those who wanna climb, I'm not specialized In those stuffs. SoloQ is a clown fiesta right now and I know only In one perfect world might SoloQ be fixed but it feels more broken than ever since my 5 years of League, and for those who are Gold and want to climb to Plat I will give this advice: DON'T!. As long as you have fun with the game, don't even dare to climb.You will waste all your time, you will get frustrated, you gonna suffer and you will entirely forget the essense of having fun, until you start tilting your selves and wanna quit League. I really love this game and I want to continue playing it, but I already had enough with those coinflip games. (Forgive me for the use or Caps)
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