Kai'Sa Favoritism much?

She is getting MORE SKINS than any other champ in the span of time between her release and now. What the hell is this strange favoritism? While we still have champs like Ornn who still only have their release skin. A few champs have only been lucky enough to get 1 more since their release and they're well and enough older than this upstart. I mean, maybe if you did something about how crappy the underplayed champs are, instead of ignoring them and never nerfing the champs everyone rightfully complains about like Riven and Yasuo, due to their kits and items, you'd see less of the same 20 or so idiots every game. Edit: Why in the hell is everyone seemingly gunning against this statement by using Champs who have existed since the game released!? Every counter-post "Lux and Ezreal, Lux and Ezreal, Lux and Ezreal" O_o BTW, there is more than 3/4 months between every damn skin for these characters, so I mean umm can you try and find some better examples?
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