Illaoi and Fiora W interaction

[I'm putting this is general discussion because my previous posts in "report a bug" have been completely ignored, I honestly feel as though y'all just have that section to make people feel better after their games are completely ruined by poor coding] I've posted about this issue several times now but Illaoi Slam is bugged during her ult, E is also bugged but I don't have photo proof of this issue still, it's been well over a month since I last attempted to bring this issue to riots attention. The weirdest thing is there is absolutely no continuity with bug. At times my W will block damage from slam during her ult, and at other times it will allow all the damage to come through. I have inspected this issue several times at .25% speed, pausing at exact moments, and I can 100% conclusively say this is in fact a bug and not a simple issue with my timing as some have suggested. I will attempt to upload video of issue to Youtube and attach it to this thread *Edit* Looks like files saved as .rofl can't be converted :/ wonder if Riot did this on purpose so people can't show the world how buggy their game is haha
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