League on a Mac?

I've been playing league on an hp laptop for around a year, and it's slowly falling apart. It crashes in the middle of everything I'm doing or when I pick it up and move it, and it's very slow; so it's time for a new computer. I'm a student and I don't want a heavy gaming laptop since I wanna be able to carry it around easily, and I thought the easiest option would be to just get a Mac (I don't really understand the internet's hate towards Macs, but whatever laugh it off). I'm thinking of getting a MacBook Air. I don't binge play league, and it's definetly not the main use of the computer. However I wanna be able to occasionally play a game or two. Having said that, how would league run? I realize it definetly won't be perfect, but will playing be tollerable? I've read somewhere else you'd probs get around 60 fps, is that really hard to work with or can I still play without raging?
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