Silver is the real Elo Hell.

Hell every game I get goes this way : -Feeders - Toxicity -Rage quitter- -Troll pick/Trolling in game -Afk after remake vote -Trollers In a number of 10 game I got 1 of those every single game.. It make me wonder why I still play this game when the numbers of frustrations increase everyday and nothing is done for it. I feel like inducing myself poison in my brain everytime I start another game... I agree the game have a lot of players but honestly, when I started to play back in seasons 1, the game pace was peaceful, everyone had fun playing and toxicity was happening 1 game on 50. It was a great time... now if you meet nice and chill people, you are lucky as hell because you will often get bitched on or verbally assaulted as soon something goes wrong.. The game community is really getting worst everyday... It's time to do a move Riot.
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