Please Don’t Ruin Mid Pyke

Pyke is built to work as an assassin, why do we have to enforce Pyke as a support only? “PYKE IS SUPPOSED TO BE A SUPPORT SO HE IS GONNA BE A SUPPORT”What about people that love Pyke’s style, his abilities, his high risk high reward gameplay, him being an assassin they can carry a game with, if they get fed. Why does he have to be a support. Just please riot don’t gut Pyke mid and force him to be a support. I’ve been playing Pyke mid since his release, he’s the only reason I actually got into league. I love the new skin but I really won’t be able to play him anymore if mid Pyke gets gutted. An assassin support just doesn’t feel right, adcs are way too greedy for the gold and they want to be the carry. I’m the same way, I hate having Pyke supports. I just don’t think an assassin support can work. And if he can’t be a mid laner maybe giving his kit something to work with for jungle?
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