Tanks are too strong

Tanks need to be hard nerfed outright. I'm very very very very tired of playing a full damage adc or midlane assassin that loses to a poppy because she presses three buttons and does one thousand damage. For example recently I chose to play as yasuo mid and at the end of the game a poppy who had build full armor had the same exact damage as me and I had full damage items whereas she had {{item:3068}} {{item:3025}} and was finishing up {{item:3065}} as a third item. Yet she could beat me in a 1v1. Tanks do wayyyyyy too much damage and need a complete overhaul on how they are played. EITHER THEY BUILD TOWARDS THEIR RESISTANCES THAT MAKES THEM TANKY AND THEY LOSE A MAJORITY OF THIER DAMAGE OR THEY BUILD THIER DAMAGE AND LOSE A MAJORITY OF THEIR RESISTANCES AND HEALTH . For example cho gath shouldn't be able to build rod of ages and then rush armor/MR and just use one round of cdrs to one shot you whilest having 5k health and 200 of each resistance. "ohhh thats just part of his kiiiit" no its flat bullshit and is one of the worst things in the game in my opinion. It takes little to no skill to lane most of the aoes or point clicks that tanks have to do an insane amount of damage. Im tired of getting one shot by {{champion:516}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:31}}. its absolutely disgusting for them to build complete armor and MR and just one shot any body on the map that has less than 2k health. For anybody who thinks that tanks are not strong I would like for you to try and fight malphite as an assassin or adc. The result is always the same. You don't. You just die because their base damage is way to high or they do super high levels of percent health. When playing zed i should not lose to an electrocute galio because he built {{item:3068}} when i rush {{item:3147}}. FIX TANKS NOW. THEY ARE THE CORE REASON MOST GAMES ARE WON/LOST IN MANY OF THE ELOS.
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