What are your favorite Digimon?

######Heehaw put this in the wrong section initially. We've had multiple "Who's your favorite Pokemon?" threads over the years, but I swear, I've never seen a single one for Digimon. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to realistically pick one digimon though(feel free to prove me wrong, I guess), so pick as many as you like! Anyways, for myself, I'm probably basic af in what I like... my favorite digimon are probably, in no particular order: Apollomon, Dianamon, Imperialdramon(Fighter/Paladin Mode), ShineGreymon, Susanoomon, Omnimon, Gallantmon, MirageGarurumon, BanchoLeomon, Justimon, Alphamon, Valkyrimon, Sakuyamon, Seraphimon, Knightmon, Cyberdramon, Lucemon (Chaos Mode)... and I think I'll stop there. I could go on and on, but my list is already pretty long with the majority just being Mega digimon, so... yeah. All of these digimon have really cool designs and I love 'em.
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