It's honestly amazing how this got my 4+ year account banned permanently. HALF of these where just memeing with my friends, so disappointed they will ban someone for "GG ez" or "stop feeding sit under turret please" but wont ban the inters, Disgusted. Here are the chats: Game 1 Pre-Game CarrotEater: who to play CarrotEater: NOOOOOOOOOOOO CarrotEater: didge CarrotEater: someone dodge CarrotEater: RKANA AND NASUS CarrotEater: they finn apick yasuo CarrotEater: don tint In-Game CarrotEater: this nasus is ass CarrotEater: i have 100% win ratio with xer CarrotEater: thru 7 games CarrotEater: :) CarrotEater: better not suck as vayne CarrotEater: she hard CarrotEater: F CarrotEater: were fine CarrotEater: IM BULLIYNG THIS QIYANA CarrotEater: broooo CarrotEater: puussss CarrotEater: ik CarrotEater: bro CarrotEater: PSHHHHHHHHHHHHH CarrotEater: lololol CarrotEater: ww gank bot CarrotEater: keep the camp coming qiyana needs it badly she cant 1v1 me lol CarrotEater: bro CarrotEater: wtf CarrotEater: guys CarrotEater: fed eve CarrotEater: and ez CarrotEater: uhoh CarrotEater: camp CarrotEater: oooof yuumi CarrotEater: cmon vayne... CarrotEater: gg CarrotEater: BRO CarrotEater: STAY OUT OF MID CarrotEater: ur the reason she can burst me down now CarrotEater: i had her 0/2 no cs CarrotEater: u fed her twice now CarrotEater: u are already CarrotEater: oh plz camp me plz CarrotEater: nah we lost CarrotEater: u kno how bad that is CarrotEater: ur not doing anything so idc CarrotEater: yuumi is good wtf? CarrotEater: ikr] CarrotEater: cuz u need a good adc CarrotEater: kne wit CarrotEater: VAYNEEE CarrotEater: o bad CarrotEater: cs CarrotEater: reset CarrotEater: we can win CarrotEater: vayne get botrk CarrotEater: good CarrotEater: we still winning rn CarrotEater: HELP MID CarrotEater: winnable CarrotEater: yuumi hop on ww or trundle CarrotEater: we good CarrotEater: we need tower CarrotEater: s CarrotEater: and we win CarrotEater: WOOO CarrotEater: that was blind CarrotEater: damnit CarrotEater: yea CarrotEater: u were shit talking me and the cat CarrotEater: go invis and kill ezreal for us CarrotEater: during teams CarrotEater: no misses CarrotEater: of ezreal and eve CarrotEater: steal CarrotEater: DEFEND once they get it CarrotEater: i wouldve lol CarrotEater: carried CarrotEater: GOOD TRY CarrotEater: loss right b4 promos ugh CarrotEater: silver 3:( CarrotEater: WTF CarrotEater: 1st loss with xer ever :( CarrotEater: not 0/7/0 CarrotEater: DONT PLAY RANKED CarrotEater: its not hard CarrotEater: no she needs to hear it CarrotEater: THERE IS NO SCALE CarrotEater: ITS OVER CarrotEater: DOTN CarrotEater: is gg CarrotEater: 1 item CarrotEater: :0 CarrotEater: its gg ww CarrotEater: well she shouldnt be so bad CarrotEater: then i wouldnt be toxic CarrotEater: GOOD CarrotEater: nvm CarrotEater: gg CarrotEater: sneak it trundle CarrotEater: idiots CarrotEater: why leave CarrotEater: gg CarrotEater: They have everything CarrotEater: its gg CarrotEater: gg all CarrotEater: wp CarrotEater: OOOH CarrotEater: blind CarrotEater: gg wp Post-Game CarrotEater: gg Game 2 In-Game CarrotEater: cmon les go CarrotEater: ug et aaytrox no f CarrotEater: free early win CarrotEater: why w oudl he fight lmao CarrotEater: wotf CarrotEater: tot id get f CarrotEater: kass u no200 ig CarrotEater: ia CarrotEater: iq CarrotEater: i was testing u CarrotEater: u failed CarrotEater: when i q u why didnt u flash under tower??? CarrotEater: i have no escape CarrotEater: play back CarrotEater: ez CarrotEater: jk CarrotEater: i hurried CarrotEater: aigh CarrotEater: if i ws 6:( CarrotEater: fax CarrotEater: buffed him too CarrotEater: whenhes 16 gg CarrotEater: mia for lux? CarrotEater: like u did anythig lmfao CarrotEater: i was topside CarrotEater: ur rven CarrotEater: riven CarrotEater: broken CarrotEater: just combo him CarrotEater: gj CarrotEater: PHYSCh CarrotEater: pick it up CarrotEater: idk CarrotEater: mcdonalds CarrotEater: NVM CarrotEater: LoK AT UR maap CarrotEater: bot lane wtf CarrotEater: sivir gonna eat us up CarrotEater: bot fed CarrotEater: eh CarrotEater: aatrox run CarrotEater: jk CarrotEater: c CarrotEater: ????????????????????? CarrotEater: as if CarrotEater: CANT WAIT TILL E WIN CarrotEater: LES GO BOYS CarrotEater: aweeee did yall plan that CarrotEater: <3 CarrotEater: vute CarrotEater: rhx CarrotEater: rven juts protect twoer CarrotEater: mmh CarrotEater: bye CarrotEater: worth CarrotEater: UNDER TOWER CarrotEater: CARRIES ARE DEAD CarrotEater: leona GREAT stun in dragon fight btw CarrotEater: u tell yoself that CarrotEater: team...... CarrotEater: how yall have vision CarrotEater: skill lmao CarrotEater: u gettn carried vi CarrotEater: its legto 2v5 here CarrotEater: legi CarrotEater: its me and as vs 5 CarrotEater: IK CarrotEater: WE CANT CarrotEater: group CarrotEater: we yrtna win CarrotEater: aight yall targeting me CarrotEater: shouldve gone for the sol CarrotEater: like thanos CarrotEater: gg CarrotEater: unless they stp targeting me CarrotEater: AND ULT CarrotEater: Q IN AND ULT CarrotEater: all 5 CarrotEater: 0 pressure CarrotEater: COUGH SIde lanes CarrotEater: GO TO BAROj CarrotEater: WE WIN THIS GG CarrotEater: Gg ;ux carru hate to say it CarrotEater: me and as cant do it all CarrotEater: NO UR NOT CarrotEater: RIVEN COUNTES AATROX CarrotEater: STOPMAKING EXCUSES CarrotEater: 1/7 CarrotEater: if thye baron lets ff CarrotEater: g CarrotEater: jst adc CarrotEater: bbuff CarrotEater: and fed CarrotEater: gg CarrotEater: gg toxic CarrotEater: Ez CarrotEater: ez
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