Now that Apu is gone, what other Simpsons characters should be dropped?

Apu will never appear in another episode of The Simpsons, thanks to "comedians" who think they can decide what's allowed to be funny and what's not. Now that the precedent has been set, who should be the next character to get the axe? Well, my grandfather was a cop, so I don't really appreciate the character of Chief Clancy Wiggum portraying law enforcement officers as big, fat, bumbling oafs who'd be more likely to suffer cardiac arrest from all the donuts they eat than to arrest an actual criminal. Also, I work at a bar. I don't really like the character Moe Sislak because he makes bartenders out to be these creepy, sleazy guys who fall for the same phone prank from the same kid for decades. Hey, all three of these characters are voiced by the same guy. Maybe just fire him altogether? Also, if Carl isn't voiced by a black guy, it's automatically racist.
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