Riot deleting every post they dont like XDDD

Hello guys, yesterday i made post about autofill and said how we an try to remove it playing your role everytime u get autofilled, example: if u put mid/jungl and u got autofilled just pick mid champ and go duo mid, not to int but to win, do best u can to win game playing duo mid. what did i like riot says: " Hey 1v1 me low dog, it's not cool to directly advocate players break the Summoner's Code." call u guys to break Summoner code ? isnt this off meta strategy? why they allowed numbrac strategy and this is breaking code ?? i want an explanation . My post got like 70 upvotes and they removed it ?! why m i doing this (example): i m on d1 55 LP = 3 wins to promo, lets say i get 15 and lose 16 LP, i que for next game, get mid, won , and now i m on 70lp, now i need 2 wins for promos. i que again and get autofilled> if i dodge ill lose 3 lp and gonna need 3 wins to promos, so i decide to play> enemy had grand master pyke OTP who destroyed us on bot cuz i have no idea how to trade or anything on bot and we ofc lost game so now i m on 54 lp and i need **4** wins to get to promos? why ? i won 1 game on my role that i put to play and lost 1 on autofill and i m punished for that and now i need to win **4** games to get in promos !! i could easly get mid and win that game where i was autofilled then i would be on **85 LP** not 54lp and i would need 1 more win and 30mins playing not 4 wins and 2 h playing ?? lets say every game is 30 min, If before first game was 6:00 pm, after first win 6:30, after losing as autofill 7:00 pm, now i need 4 games> 2 h playign to get in promos. 6:00 pm, after first win 6:30, i que againd wait 10 mins for my role+game= 7:10 pm, now i need 1 game for pormos> 30 min playing + 10que= 40mins ** so how is autofill saving my time RIOT?** Riot dont remove this post too pls :) sry if i made mistakes in writing :D
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