Bethesda went from one of my fave game studios to my most despised now.

Paid mods was a thing. I shrugged it off and didn't care. Let me play the game my way, and I can just ignore it. Then they tried to introduce it again: same thing. I don't care. Then I heard that they fill up your hard drive with basically undesired bloatware. I am irritated and this is a horrendous long term solution but.... fine. Fine. *bitter* I can ignore that too to an extent. Even though steam downloads automatically and is a pain to circumvent this at the best of times. #But here is where I draw the line and I draw the line hard. #Preventing modders from making new larger scale content? Sit. The. Hell. Down. Bethesda. This is 100 levels of "how dare you" wrapped in one meaty salad wrap sprinkled with ... rainbow sprinkles? I am now going to for the first time actually use the steam rating service and rating slap each bethesda game I own. As well as make this post (obviously). #Not cool. Don't take away our power in return for a shitty service that charges $5 for trash like this: #But now we don't have a chance of any of this. Which is infuriating. I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE bethesda now.
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