I'm not playing this game anymore until Riot wakes up.

* Tired of me having 400 armor and 3.5k HP and it being meaningless. https://i.imgur.com/zYbCSbv.png * Tired of matchmaking being completely inconsistent and bullshit. https://i.imgur.com/ewOPU2A.png https://i.imgur.com/u9hK7H4.png * Tired of things being nerfed so heavily, that it makes them completely irrelevant. Can't even play a damn tank anymore because of Conqueror existing or try to play a Marksman because it takes 9700 gold to do 62 true damage per auto if I'm lucky enough to crit 60% of the time. * Tired of games ending within minutes because of how fast the fucking game snowballs into oblivion. * Tired of being oneshot by literally everything, even the supports like Rakan are doing stupid amounts of damage. * Tired of Riot's philosophy that everything needs to be balanced via competitive play. * Tired of Riot refusing to listen to its community. * Tired of Riot removing fun aspects in the game for absolutely no reason at all, AKA Zephyr, Jungle buffs via smite, old items like Heart of Gold, bounty indicators, Revive, Promote, Dominion, URF, etc. * Tired of Riot neglecting Twisted Treeline and it's problems because "the playerbase isn't high enough". * Tired of not being able to show my friends League Of Legends because low level queue's are filled with racist assholes who tell my friends to kill themselves for trying to learn the game. * Tired of all the fucking mobility and CC being in the game to be honest, any champion that doesn't have any of that is completely lost in the void, especially my favorite champion, being Naut. * Tired of this Blue Essense bullshit, bring back IP per win. It's not fair for players who like to play 8 games a day compared to leveling up by playing 1 game a day just for the win of the day bonus. Shit ton of other stuff that i'm just too lazy to type, but you get the idea. 9 year veteran just lost her interest because you guys just stack piles of shit and don't fix the shit that's already a problem in the game. Bring back Morello already, he actually knew what the fuck he was doing. Go ahead and downvote fellas, trust me, I love the game, but I hate the producers.
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