Riot’s on damage control **So here is the alert I got not an hour after I made the topic post.** So for those that don’t know, slack messages from Rioters got leaked. **If you wanna find them, just search google. Won’t take you long to find them.** The sources that have these messages hosted on them are **all censored to protect the individual Rioters. No names are given at all and the only body implicated in these messages is Riot as a whole itself.** This is really just to serve as definitive proof: I tried to post not the original sources but a **blog article** that showed the leaks, *all incriminating information censored so that there is no justification to call it a “witch hunt”.** Riot is, without question, rushing to try and keep this information from continuing to leak. Keep it going, everyone. Save the screenshots to your phone or computer if you have to, but let’s not let Riot sweep this mess under the rug. EDIT: #You know what? Now that I'm at my computer, I'll just transcribe the messages in their entirety to here. ######Where names have been stricken, I will put "redacted". I will also put pertinent information in bold. **Thread start:** 1. _**I think far more concerning is the thread that follows around Rioter responses on Twitter**. I know this is a touchy subject but I don't think this is the way to address the community to engage in a conversation on the topic. **In particular, inviting discourse on the topic on Twitter then telling them to, "Fuck off and sea lion somewhere else." How does this help?**_ 2. _I think it helps marginalized people to see solidarity from a person with a lot of clout at Riot. **I agree with Daniel that the Reddit thread is a toxic landfill, and I think it's fine for him to address that toxic group of men as they are.** I don't think we need to cater to them, and I think silence is complicity -- I understand the business implications behind **the decision to avoid it as a company,** but I'm **glad to work at a place where we can call a spade a spade**. We absolutely played a part in creating this environment, and it seems troubling to me to expect all of us to step back from it._ 3. _Totally agree with all points, [redacted], but it bothers me whenever we decide to obliquely engage with subsets of players who are unhappy (for whatever reason). The call in #cop-engagement was to not engage that thread, and seeing Twitter replies with ad homs **(regardless of how true they may be!) stokes a fire I'm assuming we don't want to fuel.**_ 4. _[redacted] I know you're excellent at receiving feedback, so pinging you here so you can see the discussion (and share your own perspective!)._ 5. _I believe that the mess we did internally we did externally, **there is probably not a better time to say that certain behaviors are not accepted in Riot or in League.**_ 6. _And to be completely clear - **that thread is full of toxic crap I am 100% against, and if I didn't have my Riot flair [I] would have no problem going in on my two cents more about how we approach this collectively/as a company.**_ **First thread end** -------------------------------------------- **Second thread start:** 1. _Omg those Twitter threads are hot garbage. **I couldn't agree more with D. Klein's tweets. Yeah, maybe his tweets "don't help" the conversation with folks posting about misandry, could be more polite. But honestly, there's no helping those people.** The folks who it does help? My guess is **women and non-binary folks reading those threads and seeing a Rioter taking a passionate, personal stand in defense of their safe space and our company's actions. Without that, I could see interpreting this stuff as a one off publicity stunt, and not engaging with it as a result.** **I'm not brave enough to roll around social media with a red name, but I saluted D. Klein for speaking from his heart and defending underrepresented players and industry hopefuls.**_ 2. (All signs lead to these next few posts being from D. Klein himself) _Hey, [redacted]! Absolutely my bad for not checking #cop-engagement._ 3. _I saw the original thread and was **sharply, painfully reminded of how long we have yet to go.**_ 4. _I also thought about the countless LGBT people I talked to and told that **we would absolutely be making room for them in our community going forward._** 5. _And I saw a thread of misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and racism, with these sentiments all represented in the most upvoted posts and not called out by anything visible._ 6. _Sorry for the headaches I caused you! I should not have tweeted in anger, but **I doubt I would have said something very different when I wasn't angry**._ **Second thread end** ---------------------------------------------- #So here's what is represented by these slacks excerpts and why they matter to those of you unsure about this: - **Riot is wary that they're being watched.** Good professional behavior for a company, honestly - the fact they're self-aware and don't want to look like complete asses is appropriate while they're representing the company as a whole (or for me personally, they have to at least be fuckin' right). However, they are going in a different direction than we want them to -- **rather than responding professionally, their original plan was literally to ignore the issue outright and never touch it. Ever.** Meaning they would have just went through with it, ignored it, and hoped we would forget or that it just wouldn't be that little tipping point for their fanbase finally flipping the table on them for their final transgression. - **We have a clear conflict of not only interest but professionalism here.** I would like to say, right here and right now for all of us (if I may) #We do not hold _all_ Rioters responsible for this, and we are sorry to appear so rude to those who, even if they disagree with us, had the professionalism to say "addressing the community in this fashion doesn't help shit". - **Daniel Klein and his cohorts are fucking delusional, and DK himself is a fucking liar.** So first of all, [**here is the original reddit post that started it all, folks! The controversy, the offensiveness, everything misogynistic and hateful in one big thread!**]( It's actually not. It's really not any of that. It's people actually calmly discussing the matter. They expressed their disagreement rather respectfully (of course there are some misanthropes further down in the thread, obviously we are not ever entirely free of it) but **the near entirety of the top comments are all calm and respectful.** #D. Klein's fucking excuse is that he saw "a thread of misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and racism, with these sentiments all represented in the most upvoted posts and not called out by anything visible." #D. Klein is a liar of such enormous proportions to the point that it is hard to believe that he could be so up his own ass on the matter. I could go more into this, but I believe you have the point and can read into it to the extent possible on your own. - **None of these Rioters respect any of us.** Unless you have openly come out on _their side_, Riot does not respect you. There is, and I quote, "no helping [you] people." Because we _dared_ to **disagree** - **merely disagree** - we are a "toxic landfill". And this is purely going off of the reddit post I already showed you. **The second string of messages was not referring to the thread in which D. Klein was called out, but to us saying that they should not be excluding men.** I want you all to keep that in mind. - **Riot is completely fine with this unprofessionalism.** Following D. Klein's (assuming it's him, like 1000% certain it's him from how it's worded), he **would not have handled it much differently were he not even acting out of anger.** Meaning this kind of post is absolutely 100% standard faire for him (which I am already well aware of, but for those of you who aren't, here is him admitting it openly because he deletes a ton of the tweets unsuitable for public in most cases). - Here is the final and most important part I want you all to know and understand: #Based off of excerpt 4 in thread 2, Riot was not doing this to promote inclusiveness in their workspace. They were doing this to fill a quota. Basically, the event was targeted at "getting more women and non-binary individuals into the game design scene". However, D. Klein words it as such: #"I also thought about the countless LGBT people I talked to and told that we would absolutely be making room for them in our community going forward." #Keyword: OUR While hiring LGBT (also, isn't it LGBTQ now? Nice fucking going, Daniel, you hypocritical fuck) is **perfectly fine - do not misinterpret this, the problem is not in hiring people of varying backgrounds** - the problem arises when **after a recent scandal of appearing sexist and exclusive, you immediately flip switch and attempt to rectify the problem as soon as possible**. This would mean that not only would these hirings be completely rushed - in that maybe somebody should spend a bit more time on smaller game development for a bit before stepping straight into an intensive, "always evolving" game - but they would also be completely forced. They are basically assuming that **were these individuals competing with male counterparts, they would not stand a chance of getting hired.** This isn't Riot looking out for the LGBTQ community, this isn't them looking out for women. It's a knee-jerk publicity stunt to try and make it seem like they've changed in less than a month's time. If you legitimately believe that an entire company's worth of people could flip switch in less than a fucking month, I believe I have some crazy pills for you to take. --------------------------- You all may do with this information what you will.
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