Thanks for the perma ban on my smurf.

I've had a great week. Let's go down the list of my games today: 1. I win lane as support. My adc has 17 cs by 15 minutes in and walk around the map intentionally feeding because. Why? Just because. LOSS* 2. My jungle and top are duo boosting. Top is 0/17, adc is 0/8, support is 0/7. I'm 8/4/7. (4/0) early LOSS* 3. I win and hard carry. 4. My yasuo hard ints and doesn't stop fucking typing. LOSS 5. I win 6. My top goes 0/7 and doesn't stop typing. LOSS 7. everyone played badly. LOSS 8. I hard carry and win 9. My top and mid get dumpstered. LOSS 10. My support gives up first blood and afks. LOSS* 11. my top and adc hard int and afk. LOSS* 12. my support argues with my adc and afks. LOSS.* So in twelve games, about 5 of them were utter and total bull shit in which I was griefed. But yOU SH0uLD JuST HaVE A PosItIVE ATTIDUDE. - Riot games No. Fuck you. That's almost 8 hours of my life fucking gone because you don't actually punish people for griefing game. And when I finally have had enough of the dog shit community that you let play this game you issue a ban. Fuck you and fuck your company. All you do is protect the trolls who ruin this game.
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