Local Western Team Crushed to Discover Their Worlds Victories Actually Don't Count.

Sometimes real life just won't let you catch a break. Upon their 3-0 victory over Afreeca, Cloud 9 returned to the locker room only to discover that their victory actually did not count. "I was stunned," spoke one Sneaky. "I was so excited to get an esport skin to cosplay as but nobody is saying it's going to be legit!? Do you have any idea how good I'd look as C9 Kai'sa!?" Despite NA and EU's success at worlds, local board "League of Legends Official Boards" has determined that this meta doesn't count. The current Worlds meta was investigated by only the finest Silver-to-Low Platinum players to determine the validity of the meta and if it was truly a win that can be considered allowed as a display of skill. After several games, investigations and at least 722 Zed/Yasuo bans, the experts have determined that this meta in fact does not count and that NA/EU are actually not _really_ winning worlds. In addition, it was determined that all Korean and Chinese losses were not actual "real losses" but rather Riot bullying them out of the meta. When we reached out to Uzi to express our sympathies that his world run was cut short by evil Riot manipulation, he had this to say: >他妈的你呢?他妈的远离我。我不在乎一些NA Iron 3玩家他妈的告诉我什么。 We actually don't know what that means but you can see the pure passion and fury from being knocked out by unforeseen circumstances caused by Riot. "I mean I can't blame them," spoke one player. "Riot just made this game an explosive snowball fiesta where everyone dies in one hit." The player would go on to speak to our reporter for ten hours about his proposed changes for the meta and how only mobility determines who can win. When said reporter pointed out Heimerdinger as a contested pick, he became extremely aggravated and proceeded to beat our reporter with a 3D-printed excel spreadsheet. We wish the best for his family. We reached out to Riot for a comment, only to find that everything boards said was true. One Riot Maple took to trying to satisfy our woes. However, our expert repoter couldn't believe what he said: >**I think it's really upsetting how** ~~people think~~ **Worlds takes no skill.** ~~The myth that~~ **only early game champs succeed** ~~is~~ **proven** ~~wrong~~ **by statistics if you look hard enough. We're trying our damnedest to make** ~~a fun and enjoyable game but when people think~~ **"League sucks"** ~~it really does sting~~. **We're people too who** ~~don't just~~ **want to sell skins and make you miserable. The preseason** ~~is in development but we~~** won'**t ~~ make you~~ **work** ~~for our love~~. **If you feel like leaving League, we hope we can make you hate us** ~~a little less.~~ To amend this issue, Riot is in talks with the boards to make sure a little asterisk is engraved next to each name on the Summoner's Cup, as well as the explanation "It didn't actually count it wasn't a true meta". Maybe one day NA will count but for now, we're just content to let every player know that their victory was not a true victory.
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