Lux and Sylas

Okay so after reading the comics i am convinced that Lux has fallen for Sylas. I don't know where Ezreal comes into play nor do i wanna know; the reworked Ezreal seemed to not even care for or know lux like that but okay... Now Sylas, i don't know if he sees her in that light too (yes that was a reference....i had to) or if he sees her in a master/student way but i want to; no i NEED to see this full story unfold, tho im not too satified that its so short, pretty sure comics/manga have more pages than that >.> But oh well, i'll still take it cause its so good. With that being said, Riot, if by chance someone who works for Riot sees this post look into a Youtuber creator that goes by the name of SilverSoul, his creation consist of mainly something called "The Misadventures of Kayn and Zoe", its really good, trust....just check it out.
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