Riot please come out with a new Shaco skin. The skin Wild Card Shaco came out May 20, 2015 which is the last skin made for Shaco and believe a new skin if over due. It is 2019 and I'm Sure Pink Ward, ChaseShaco, ShacoClone, Infernal Shaco and players like me would appreciate a new skin. I understand that Shaco is underplayed (pick rate of 2.12% link: go under Jungle tab where champs are listed) but i believe if you give him a new skin more people will go back to playing Shaco. Its been quite a while since a skin for Shaco has come out (Since May 20, 2015). Maybe for more ideas you can ask the Shaco Mains in high elo what they would want for a skin or ask jg mains. Many ideas have been made and posted to the board. An idea from Silvarspark with Demon Shaco Link: More Ideas for a Shaco skin can be found here also by King Zeus can be found via Link: Shaco is cute also has a great idea Link: Favorite by Silvarspark would be his Demon Shaco skin. Favorite By Shaco is Cute would be his Dark Star Shaco Favorites By King Zeus would be Soul Reaver Shaco, Nightbringer Shaco, Blood moon Shaco, Haunting Shaco and Death blossom Shaco skin. Those being in no order at all other than being really good ideas for skins that can be put into game for Shaco. Please go to their posts and upvote them as well as this post for a new Shaco skin that is long overdue. Lots of people would love to see a new Shaco skin and very few come up with ideas for amazing skin ideas and should be added into game. Changes have been made on Shaco with his Jack In The Box (E ability) with Control wards only showing them and the Box's activating Items like{{item:3285}}, {{item:3151}}, {{item:3165}}, {{item:3041}}, and more. We thank you for all your changes on Shaco to make him more fun to play but other than changing his abilities adding a skin would make many people go back to playing him and play more. I believe a Shaco skin is very long over due since the last was Wild Card Shaco, put into game on May 20, 2015.
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